Hello world!

Hello world!  Is a great title for this post.  I want to use my first post to say some things about myself and tell why I started this blog.

First of all, many people who read my name my wonder what the hell Badb Catha is and why I chose that name.  Well, I’ll tell you.  I choose Badb Catha mainly because there wasn’t much left to choose from.  All the other cool names I tried were taken.  At first, I wanted Hypatia.  She was an Egyptian philosopher, daughter of Theon and Alexandria.  She lived between 350 and 370 AD.  Her father was a teacher of mathematics at the museum of Alexandria.  She herself was a teacher of philosophy, mathematics and science.  She became the director of the Neoplatonist school of philosophy in the year 499.   Meh, you say, so what?  Well next comes the cool part.

So…apparently Christians were going around harassing and killing pagans in those days.  The governor of Alexandria, Orestes, was murdered on the order of a Christian Bishop, Cyrill.  Why?  Because Orestes opposed Cyrill’s attempts to throw all the Jews out of the city.  By the way, this Bishop Cyrill later became a saint.  That gives you an idea of the climate of religious tolerance in Alexandria in those days.

Anyway, Cyrill didn’t really approve of Hypatia.  She didn’t know her place.  She dressed like a scholar, not a subservient woman, she even taught men!  She moved about the city freely, and drove her own chariot.  She was a pagan and taught atrocities like experimental science.  Cyrill railed against this type of behavior by women.  Probably damning her and other uppity women of her ilk to Hell and all that.  Some fanatic monks were influenced by the preachings Cyrill and in 415 when Hypatia was minding her own business driving her chariot about town, these monks attacked!  They flung her from her chariot, stripped her, killed her, flayed the flesh from her bones, scattered most of her body parts through the streets and anything that remained, they burned in the library of Ceasareum.   How hard core is that?

She is my new hero.  But, sadly I can’t take her name for my blogging purposes.  So, I tried Skatha.  It is a name of a dragon from the work of J.R.R. Tolkien.  I also named my pseudo-dragon in D&D Skatha.  I didn’t know what it meant, I just thought it was cool.  Then I was looking for names for my blog and I looked at Celtic goddesses.  Skatha was in there.  A skilled warrior herself, she also trained warriors.   The name means “she who strikes fear.”  Cool!   Taken.

So, I decided on the name of another Celtic Goddess, yes, you guessed it, Badb Catha.  She is the mother aspect of the triple goddess.  She is also known as the death fairy.  She symbolizes life, wisdom and inspiration.  Warriors worshiped her in the form of a beautiful woman, but if they saw her washing their armor, they knew that death was near.  Badb Catha would run through the battle field during the fray in the form of a wolf.  After the battle she would take the form of a raven and feast on the flesh of the dead.   She was also a great prophet and prophesied the downfall of the deities.

After I read that last sentence, I knew I had my name.  I see the future, and I can see the fall of deities will bring more peace to humanity.  If not, I see continued and even increased ignorance, intolerance, war, pestilence, and suffering.  Now, if  only it isn’t taken!  Yeaaay! Not taken.  Badb Catha it is.

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